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Album outtake from "The Dresden Dolls" recording sessions

Featuring: Meredith Yayanos (violin)


i won't try to explain what i cannot understand
it's a bird it's a plane it's a one night stand
if i only we could ride far enough
i'd forget you altogether
it's a bluff
there is no way i could not remember

don't ask me what i came here for
it is too delicate for words
i used to want to make you talk
now i would rather you did not

i don't mind if you read while i'm coming
it's alright if you need the t.v.
to keep from noticing my mind going blank
what's the worst thing that could happen?
is my back all that bad?
strike the match and watch the doll come open

don't ask me what i want from you
it is not something you could purposely do
i used to want to make you mine
now i have better things in mind...


from A Is For Accident, released October 20, 2009
Recorded at B.C. Studios (Brooklyn, NY)
Producer/Engineerer: Martin Bisi
Mastered by Jeff Lipton



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